Cracks in the walls

Documentary film realized with the anthropologist Dimitra Kofti from Max Planck Institute (Halles, DE). The movie is about the economical transformation inside the processes of market’s liberalization in former Bulgarian industrial capital of Pernik.
Role – photography and co-director (editing process)


Perfetto – a short film about the meaning of perfection
Film realized by Greener Media (NY) about the meaning of “perfection” in the italian region of Calabria. The movie is an inquire made from different angles about the human experience in one of the least known Italian regions.

Role – researcher and executive coordinator.


(Once he was) The cowboy

Documentary Film by Fabio Ferrero about the story of luck, tragedy and rebirth of Goran, a macedonian wine-producer who firstly arrived during the ’90s as migrant in the rich lands of Barolo, becoming the “the cowboy” and a reference point for all the other migrants in the Langhe region
Role – author, screen-player assistant.



Variation / Le variazioni

Resarch project about 31 Goldberg Variations. Emanuele Bergamaschi is an italian piano player, graduated in astrophisics who decided to go and live in the mountain at the top of “The five lands”, one of the most beautiful and suggestive landscapes in Italy. Alone with his piano, has decided to change life and dedicate himself to the restoration of the agricultural production of the area, almost abandoned by young locals. Following his romantic point of view, the documentary is also an investigation about modern life confronting his experience with older generation’ people who still living in this demanding area.

Role – author, director, photography.