Tomorrow’s Land – how we decided to tear down the invisible wall (2011)website

Tomorrow’s Land has been my first successful project, realized through an intensive crowdfunding campaign. Tells the non-violent struggle’ story of the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani, explains goals and strategies of this experiment and the support of Israeli peace activists’ involvement.

The movie has been screened in all Europe and participated to many festivals and has been prices awarded.
Role – director, photography, editor


Vite al centro – stories of clerks in the age of commercial centers (2013)website
Film realized to tell my hometown’ story of urban transformation. The goal of the film was to arise consciousness about the transformation of lives connected to the urban desertification and “mallisation”. The movie has been screened to many festival in Italy and played in independent cinemas.

Role – researcher, director, photography and editor


(Under the full moon) Homage to Pina Bausch

In 2011-2012 I was working as webtv content editor and filmaker for Piccolo Teatro WebTv. This short documentary has been one of the first and most exiting experience of my work for Piccolo Teatro. Beauty and art of Pina Bausch are the k-word of this short documentary.
Role – author, photography, editor.


Milano è casa mia 

A collective movie realized as essay for a Masterclass at IED. This is my personal research, conducted with blind people I have had the opportunity to meet, know and spend some time with.

Role – author, photography.